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Cookie Policy


We’ve crafted this Cookie Policy to elucidate how we employ cookies and akin technologies (collectively referred to as “Cookies”) on this website (the “Website”). This manifests our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your personal information privacy.

Upon your inaugural visit to our Website, a notification banner apprises you of our use of Cookies. By continuing to use the Website, you implicitly consent to the utilization of Cookies as delineated in this Cookie Policy. However, the choice to accept or reject Cookies remains at your discretion and can be modified at any subsequent time. Guidance on managing Cookies is explicated later in this policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are diminutive text files housing user IDs automatically deposited on your computer or device when you visit a website. These Cookies are stashed by the internet browser and are subsequently transmitted back to the website during subsequent visits. This mechanism enables the website to recognize your device, facilitating a personalized and responsive service, while concurrently enhancing the website’s functionality.

Cookies can be categorized as ‘Session Cookies’ or ‘Persistent Cookies.’ Session Cookies track your actions within a single browser session, expiring after its conclusion. Conversely, Persistent Cookies endure between sessions, aiding in subsequent visits, such as recalling your preferences.

Cookies We Use and Their Purpose

  1. Strictly Necessary CookiesStrictly Necessary Cookies empower you to navigate the Website and access essential features. For instance, when you log in, a Cookie preserves your login status, obviating the need to repeatedly input credentials. If you’re registering or making a purchase, Cookies retain your information throughout the process.

    These Cookies are indispensable for a comprehensive Website experience. Disabling them will curtail access to essential features and hinder overall Website performance.

  2. Performance CookiesPerformance Cookies amass data on your Website usage, such as visited pages and any encountered errors. This information is anonymized, devoid of personally identifiable details. We deploy these Cookies to comprehend user behavior, assess Website performance, identify areas for improvement, and gauge advertising efficacy.
  3. Functionality CookiesFunctionality Cookies empower the provision of specific services or a tailored experience. They facilitate services like video viewing or user comments. Additionally, they remember changes to your settings or preferences, offering time-saving and personalized features.
  4. Targeting or Advertising CookiesTargeting or Advertising Cookies facilitate relevant advertising or enhance third-party service utilization. These Cookies may provide advertisers with insights into your Website visit, optimizing ad relevance and frequency. They can also simplify content sharing through social networks.

First and Third-Party Cookies

Cookies on your device encompass both First-Party (placed by us or third-party service providers on our behalf) and Third-Party Cookies (placed by external entities). When managed by third parties, these Cookies are exclusively used for our purposes, not their own.

Managing Cookies

You retain the autonomy to accept or reject Cookies. During your initial visit, if you opt against Cookie consent, you are free to continue browsing. However, you can revise this choice at any subsequent juncture. This section elucidates methods to manage Cookies, including disabling them through your internet browser settings.

Alterations to Cookie Policy To align with evolving legislation and best practices, we may amend this Cookie Policy without prior notice by posting a revised version on the Website. Regularly checking for updates ensures your awareness of any modifications.