Cristin Smith

I grew up with my dad and grandpa owning their own companies. From a young age I knew I too wanted to be an Entrepreneur, but it wasn't until high school that I dreamed of opening a spa centered around skincare. 
In high school I suffered from severe cystic acne that was not only physically painful but emotionally scaring. My mom took me to the dermatologist and they prescribed me every drug out there from doxycycline to tetracycline, but nothing worked. 
They insisted I take birth control to help which of course lead to weight gain to mood swings. We decided to try another route so I began seeing an esthetician where I would get these excruciatingly painful chemical peels. I can't tell you the amount of money my mother spent paying for facials and products trying to find a solution for my skin and yet nothing worked. 
From infomercials and proactive to finally giving in to Accutane. I couldn't believe that I was now well beyond my teenage years and at the start of my career sitting down with clients with severe acne not to mention scarring.
I dreamed of opening a space where you could actually find answers to your skincare needs. You can meet with Nutritionists and Estheticians and discover the root cause to your skincare blues without drugs and chemicals and actually get results. 
Little did I realize I would later come to start Saffron & Sage where our treatments and therapies support radiant skin from the inside out and now our very own proprietary skincare line.

Salar Parvini 

Saffron & Sage 
At Saffron & Sage all of our services and classes, practices and products are supported by evidence-based research and our skincare collection is no different. We pride ourselves on curation and when it came to selecting skincare that was clean and chemical-free there wasn't anything on the market that was centered around facial nutrition let alone supported by science. 
So we have created clinical-grade skincare that is 100% clean beauty. Our skincare collection is nutrient dense and provides your skin with the daily essentials for healthy and radiant skin.