We've taken the guess-work, time, and over-complication out of your skincare routine, providing you with a simple yet powerful new ritual that you'll look forward to each day.
Here is your new skincare routine. Simplified.

1. Only oil cleanse your face in the evening.

Unless you've slept with makeup on or near an open window, oil cleanse your face at your first opportunity when you get home in the evening to take off the day's dirt, oil, makeup and pollutants.
Our Purify hypoallergenic oil cleanser is perfect for all skin types!

2. Use a cleanser both in the morning and evening.

It's important to start with a clean slate! Let's face it, we humans are pretty gross when we sleep (drool, hair oil, sweat, eye crusties) so not washing your face in the morning isn't an option.
Our Clarify facial cleanser enriches and hydrates your skin as it cleans!

3. Mix your serum with your moisturizer

If you're a bit on the dryer side, you can always mix a drop or two of serum with your moisturizer for added moisturization. This is especially good in the fall and winter!
Our Glow facial oil pairs well with our Restore moisturizer. 


4. Stick to one facial moisturizer.

There is no need to use different moisturizers for the different areas of your face. Your cream doesn't know the difference between your eye and your chin. In fact the best way to apply your Restore moisturizer is to your under eye area first, and then spread it along the face.

5. Get some Sun

15 minutes a day in the sun is good for your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential to healthy skin and bones, just make sure you wear proper sunscreen.

6. Use a konjac sponge

Mild mechanical exfoliation with a konjac sponge is far superior, cheaper, and easier on your skin than harsh cleanings and chemical peels.
You can pick up our Konjac Sponge here.

7. Apply your skincare in the right order

You want to double cleanse, “treat” your skin with a serum, moisturize and finish with oil – in that order. We've made it easy- just pick up our Ritual Set and you'll have everything you need.

8. Get some rest

Getting the proper amount of sleep that's right for you is as essential to optimal skin (and whole body health) as food and water. Find out how much is right for you and stick to it.

There's a reason it's called beauty sleep!  



Contributor: Dr. Salar Parvini, Saffron & Sage Chief Science Officer