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Three local favorites to help your at-home New Year wellness routine

Replacing indulgences with a new self-care routine, contributor Jackie Bryant shares her three favorite locally-made offerings to get your at-home New Year off on the right foot Admittedly, at the beginning of the pandemic, I distracted myself by indulging my whims with rich food, a healthy supply of cannabis products, and at-home wine and cocktails. That got old after a few months, so I decided to channel my nervous energy into a self-care routine instead. Now, I’m still indulging but with health and wellness as the focus. These are three of my favorite locally-made offerings to get your at-home New Year off on the right foot.  Luna Volta’s Nova full-spectrum CBD oil is a daily supplement that I take one dropper...

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New Year’s Resolutions: 2021 Looks a Lot Different Than 2020

Does the coming new year feel a little different to you than years’ past, where we have vowed to save money, meditate, spend more time with family, be humbler, and find some time for yourself? 2021 New Year’s resolutions look a lot different: Spend money Take a vacation with friends Up your exercise game (that one never goes out of style) Spend less time alone Enlighten your ego (actually get dressed, wear makeup, and take better care of your skin) During quarantine, we were shut off from the world and slacked off on some really important things: our health, our happiness, and our wellbeing. While we still have a way to go before things get back to normal (or a new normal as ‘they’...

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25 Expert-Backed Tricks for Glowing Skin in the Dead of Winter

By ALLIE HOGAN Sunsets after 8 p.m. and those summer beach days may be long gone, but that doesn't mean your glowing skinhas to go with them. To combat the harsh winter weather, your skincare routine needs to change with the season. And to help you keep your skin radiant, nourished, and totally smooth, we consulted dermatologists, makeup artists, and other skincare experts for their best tips and tricks. Read on to find out how you can have your best winter skin ever this year. 1 Set up a humidifier. This winter, make sure you maintain the moisture in your home—and in your skin—by investing in a humidifier. "Dry heat can disrupt the skin barrier while you sleep. Consider a...

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