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4 Tips To Get Rid of Adult Acne

Contributor: Primally PurePhotographer: Primally Pure There’s this myth floating around that acne should end when high school does. The reality? Acne isn’t a skin condition reserved only for our pre-teen or prom days.  If you’re suffering from acne, yet it’s years after graduation day, you’re not alone. The majority of adults (especially women) actually experience breakouts + blemishes. Acne is a complex skin condition with multiple causes – stemming from our external and internal environments. Since our skin is a reflection of what’s going on beneath the surface, it’s essential to work with the entire body for beautiful, healthy skin. Our tissues, organs and systems are all interconnected, so while it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of an acne flare...

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5 Effective Ways To Use Primally Pure Everything Spray

Contributor: Primally PurePhotographer: Primally Pure In a culture obsessed with more – more activities, more appointments, more products – we’re committed to creating less. More doesn’t always mean better, and simplifying doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice effectiveness. That’s where our Everything Spray comes in.  With multiple products on the market promising to transform your skin, we’re here to help you simplify not only your skincare routine – but your life. 1 product. 5 different and effective ways to use it. From your face to your whole family (including your furry friends!), Primally Pure Everything Spray is one powerhouse, multi-tasking mist that you can trust to help minimize inflammation – and the amount of products in your bathroom.  CLEAR SKIN TONER  One...

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5 Foods For Glowing Skin

Contributor: Primally PurePhotographer: Primally Pure Being a healthy food blogger and natural skincare lover, I constantly get asked about my skin and any recommendations I have for achieving a glowing, clear complexion. The truth is, no skin is the same. Just like bodies are sensitive to certain foods and environmental factors, so is our skin. First, I believe in the power of developing an all natural skincare routine that works for you. Along with washing your face every morning and night, toning, and using a good moisturizer, you should also be making sure that your body is getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs to encourage cell renewal, elasticity and balance. After all, there’s no denying that beautiful skin starts from within. ...

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