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3 Ways To Use Our Sea Soak

Contributor: Primally PurePhotographer: Primally Pure This time of year, nothing sounds more soothing than soaking in a warm epsom salt bath. But some of us may not have the luxury of having a bathtub in our home – which is so sad because our bath salts are to die for. Plus, they have incredible benefits for your body, mind and well-being. But good news! Just because they’re called bath soaks, doesn’t mean you actually need a bathtub to enjoy them. Even without a tub, you can still experience the benefits of our bath salts – especially our Sea Soak. Here’s how.   SOOTHING FOOT SOAK  While you probably won’t be installing a tub into your apartment anytime soon, you can pick up a smaller basin...

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4 Reasons You Should Start Dry Brushing Today

Contributor: Primally PurePhotographer: Primally Pure Too easy? Too expensive? Too good to be true? Some beauty claims definitely fall into these categories, but the ancient ritual of dry brushing? Believe it, babe. This simple (and practically free!) practice takes only 2 minutes before showering and the benefits of dry brushing are proven to boost beauty + wellness throughout the body. While dry brushing has become a buzzword and may conjure up questions in your mind (I brush my hair, I brush my teeth, but my skin?), it has a long-standing list of beauty benefits and we’re giving you 4 reasons why you should start today. #1. INCREASE CIRCULATION Not to sound too scientific or spiritual, but circulation is what sustains us and blood flow...

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Envy - Consciousness

Contributor: To Be MagneticPhotographer: To Be Magnetic Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the last pillar of magnetism next week. This week, I’d like to focus on a topic that has been surfacing quite a bit in my practice. It’s important that when I see a collective of clients experiencing a similar issue, I address it - because most likely a lot of you out there might also be feeling it, or can surely benefit from it. And when this particular emotion is charged, it’s imperative to harness and direct the energy of it as it’s a very powerful force when re-processed through a different lens and acted upon. Lastly, it correlates to the Magnetism workshop, for you will learn...

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