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The 16 Essential Oils You Should Have at Home, According to Wellness Experts

Contributor: MyDomaine Photographer: MyDomaine Essential oils, the concentrated plant extracts used in aromatherapy, are an increasingly popular form of alternative medicine that are easily accessible, simple to use, and inexpensive. “Essential oils are so versatile, and therefore incredibly simple to integrate into your routines and elevate moments throughout your day,” explains Sara Panton, co-founder of Vitruvi. “Scent is such a powerful yet understated way to influence our mood. Using scent strategically can help us feel more energized, calm or focused, and specific aromas have even been shown to influence different parts of the brain.” Essential oils can be used a variety of ways, including in a scented diffuser, applied directly to the skin, consumed internally, or added to bath water. However,...

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