Sun Potion Sexual Vitality

Whether you're in a partnership or flying solo at the moment, we all can enhance our sexual energy for maximum vitality. Chinese medicine tells us that balanced sexual + creative energy (yes, they are the same!) enhances our Jing, which is our life essence. Our Jing is essentially stored in our kidneys by way of Eastern wisdom. By keeping our kidneys healthy and Jing flourishing, through herbs as well as tapping into our sexuality, we ooze with vitality from head-to-toe. 

Improper regulation of our sexual energy depletes our Jing which can also in turn cause weakness in our kidneys. It is essential to keep our kidneys happy and nourished as they are the root of life. Strong sexual energy is needed for a juicier life and we have plenty of tonics that not only act as an aphrodisiac to awaken the senses but also help to nourish our kidneys. Jing and other organ systems are responsible for awakening our inner fire. Not only will they keep your sexual energy strong, as they work on the kidneys, they may also help to fortify the immune system, release stress and support our energy levels as we move through the world.

Shatavari Elixir
One of our new Transcendent Elixirs, Shatavari may promote reproductive health and increase energetic vigor. Take daily to nourish for longevity or for a quick pick me up, place a full dropper under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds for maximum absorbency! 

Pine Pollen
A potent libido enhancer (and one of our favorite aphrodisiacs), Pine Pollen may help to balance hormones in men and women and improve endurance. Use ½ teaspoon in your morning tonic or read below for our potion recipe! 

Yin Power
A blend of the highest vibrational herbs that may help to increase creative energy, support hormonal balance, relieve stress and increase emotional equilibrium. Add ½ teaspoon to your potions and enjoy the awakening of the Goddess within. 

He Shou Wu
A Jing tonic known for its ability to support the kidneys, nourish the blood, hair, skin and nervous system, as well as encouraging healthy sexual function. We recommend adding ½ teaspoon of He Shou Wu to your favorite tonic before a night out or as an energetic boost before a hot date! 

M A G I C   M O J O   
S P R I T Z E R   

Going out later and want to exude a confident and sexy vibe?
Sip this potion for a major mojo boost. With Shatavari, Yin Power, Pine Pollen and He Shou Wu, this potent libido-enhancing and hormone balancing potion will be a crack of the whip to energize you before heading out the door! 


1 dropperful Shatavari Elixir

½ tsp. Pine Pollen

½ tsp. Yin Power 

¼ tsp. He Shou Wu

 8 oz. kombucha, flavor of your choosing 

Mix the kombucha + herbs until blended and bubbly.
Pour into your favorite vessel and In joy!