Overcoming Symptom-Based Product Shopping

“Flawless skin is the most universally desired human feature”. -Desmond Morris

This quote from Desmond Morris in 1967 still holds true today and has been backed by market surveys as recently as 2015.  This is why skin care is a trillion dollar business in the United States alone!  Our human need to “advertise” our health to one another is a leading force in the development and sale of nearly 14 million skin care products each year. 

For years we have been “treating” all of our skin issues as they come.  If you have dry skin they have an entire regimen for that, – oily skin, a whole new line promising to dry it all right up.  Do you live in the North?  Try this kit!  The South? - You need this exact cream specially formulated by Tibetan mermaids for Americans who live west of the Mississippi River. 

Think about it, when you scrape your elbow or cut your finger what happens?  You wince in pain, dust yourself off, clean up the wound and let your body do what it does best….heal itself.  Remember that next time, you don’t have to do anything to your skin for the wound to heal and for new skin to appear. 

Treating skin symptoms is like playing Whack-A-Mole and it’s costly.  Winter creams, summer creams, eye creams, foot creams, elbow creams, toners, etc. will lead you to spend, on average, one quarter of 1 million dollars ($250,000.00) in your lifetime… on skincare.  Remember that is the average, you may be spending more.

Treating your skin symptoms (like acne, dry skin etc.) is only treating the effect of a cause.  It is paramount to find out the cause of your symptoms and give your body the nutrients and environment it needs to heal itself and achieve and maintain its optimal skin health.  We call this “Skin Wellness” – the state of being healthy and absent of underlying causes of dis-ease in your skin.

To do this, we need to start thinking differently.  What if instead of treating oily skin by drying it out, we give you a complete daily regimen of vitamins, minerals and active compounds your body can use in its natural healing processes?  What if instead treating the scaling of your eczema we analyze your gut bacteria to see what is causing your systemic inflammation?  Applying a cream is easy, - which why we flock to our favorite stores and hope that the new “miracle cream with hyaluronic acid” is really what was missing from your life this whole time and that nature in its infinite wisdom forgot to give you – but fundamentally changing our diets, sleeping habits and general lifestyle is hard.  Treating skin care symptoms is the “crash diet” of the skin health world, you may see some short term gains but long lasting results won’t be there.

At Saffron and Sage we understand the need for healthy skin (and mind, and body) but we choose to take a longer lasting approach. Daily changes in nutrition and skin care habits will echo into Golden Years. We always say that good skin habits are better than great skin products and that a good skin care regimen is only part and parcel of overall skin health .  A simple, nutrient dense routine is the cornerstone of your skin care regimen and we invite you to speak to one of our skin care experts about your skin care goals and allow them to teach you how to have healthy skin for life.