Saffron & Sage Skincare

Welcome to your new Skincare Routine!

Clean ingredients. Simplified routine.

Products that work together to give you the best skin of your life.

Our Saffron & Sage Skincare line is centered around our system of five natural, organically sourced and plant-derived products. Each product is designed to layer symbiotically to nourish your skin month in and month out for a beautiful, healthy, glowing face for life. 

Get the low down on our full line.

PURIFY: hypoallergenic oil cleanser

This silky cleansing oil transforms into an extremely lightweight milky cleanser on contact with water and then rinses effortlessly away.  This ensures that the vitamins, minerals, and actives in your subsequent products aren't blocked from entering your skin.  

This is your first step of your evening routine to remove oil, waterproof makeup and environmental pollutants, with the option to skip in the morning.

      • removes oil, waterproof makeup & environmental pollutants
      • calms & enriches skin
      • formulated with squalane, vitamins C and E
 Purify is perfect for all skin types!


CLARIFY: hypoallergenic gel cleanser 

Most people are used to cleansers that make your face feel squeaky clean. As we study skin (and skincare) we've learned over the decades that being squeaky clean actually damages skin! So when we formulated Clarify – the second part of our double cleansing system along with Purify – we wanted to ensure that it deeply cleansed your skin while also enriching it with vitamins and minerals, without the squeak! This cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and soft, and never stripped.

In the morning, Clarify is your first step! In the evening, it directly follows Purify. 

      • removes dirt, facial oil & environmental pollutants
      • doesn't strip or over-dry skin
      • softens and soothes
      • unique blend of vitamins B3, B5, C & E
      • leaves your skin healthy and vibrant
      • crafted with an aloe vera juice base, hyaluronic acid, radish root, and our signature squalane oil blend
Clarify enriches and hydrates your skin as it cleans.


NOURISH: hydrating and firming serum

The cornerstone to any good skincare routine is a powerful multivitamin and mineral serum. You're going to get most of your essential water based vitamins and minerals this way. If you don't have a water based (we actually use aloe vera juice in all our products instead of water so your skin doesn't dry out) hyaluronic acid serum in your routine, today is the day to start.   

This serum is applied on a freshly cleansed face!

      • pure hyaluronic acid
      • increases surface hydration
      • improves firmness, smoothness & plumpness
      • promotes healthy collagen production
      • high in vitamins B3, B5, & C
      • combats wrinkles 
      • evens skin tone & reduces dark spots
Nourish will leave you instantly looking and feeling refreshed and vibrant.


RESTORE:  ph and oil balancing moisturizer 

A good moisturizer will not only soften and smooth, but enrich and hydrate your skin, as well as balance your oil levels. This is important because the cause of most acne is a bacterium that thrives in this imbalance. Restore daily facial moisturizer is formulated to regulate the face's delicate pH and oil levels while softening and firming without silicone or silicone derivatives.

This moisturizer layers on top of your serum and is designed to smooth, soften and firm. 
      • designed to regulate your face's delicate pH and oil levels
      • softens and firms skin naturally
      • enhanced skin moisturization and barrier protection
      • silky, never greasy finish
      • made with sea kelp & hyaluronic acid
      • reduces redness and fine lines
      • improves skin tone 
      • softens and firms skin
      • supports cell regeneration for a healthy glow
Restore is the only moisturizer you will ever need. 


GLOW: finishing oil 

The final step to all scientifically sound skin routines is a good finishing oil.  The difference between a finishing oil and all other oils is it low viscosity or “thinness”.  You want your finishing oil to be almost water like so it sits lightly on the skin and penetrates deeply leaving you with soft, supple skin – instead of a greasy oily mess.  A good finishing oil is worth its weight in gold!
Glow is the final, finishing touch to our skincare line. It instantly locks in vital nutrients and creates a barrier for harmful environmental pollutants.  
      • made with premium oils
      • plant derived multivitamins & antioxidants
      • non comedogenic 
      • high concentration of (diverse) omega fatty acids, vitamins C & E
      • squalene, argon, and jojoba oil for skin balancing 
      • instantly locks in vital nutrients 
      • blocks harmful environmental pollutants
      • radiant all-day silky skin
      • reduces appearance of scar tissue
Glow will ensure you glow all day everyday. 



Our Saffron & Sage Holistic Sunscreen is IN THE WORKS and we can't wait to get it into your hands, but in the meantime PROTECT YOUR FACE and end your daytime routine with a layer of facial sunscreen!