How To Do A Weekend Detox Right In San Diego, California

Take a sound therapy class at Saffron & Sage Owner Cristin Smith started Saffron & Sage, a holistic wellness studio in San Diego’s Little Italy, for busy entrepreneurs after she noticed there were no affordable holistic healthcare healing places with the therapies she believed in. She found that the available offerings existed for the wealthy, like wellness resorts with rates around $10,000/week. Even though Saffron & Sage is a membership-based holistic health club, anyone can book a treatment, therapy or class. As I walked up the steps to my Saffron & Sage “New Moon Circle” class, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the quotes on the steps and the smell of sage as I walked in. First, I met with a practitioner who gave me acupuncture with massage. She didn’t start the treatment with acupuncture (as many would do) but began with massage, taking time to identify the areas of my body that needed the most help. The new moon of Libra brings new beginnings and a blank slate, so our practitioner Chelcy told my class of 15 that it was the perfect time to set intentions, decide what we want to create in our lives, and make a path forward to achieve it. Each person sat on a yoga mat in a circle and started by professing his or her reason for being there. We then took time to journal our intentions. That was followed by Kundalini yoga, which incorporates movement, chanting and breath work. Allowing the body to have the resulting vibrations and energy, we were told, opens our bodies to whatever we want to manifest in our lives. Breath work helped to settle the nervous system and enter a deep meditation. Finally, it was time for deeper meditation with sound therapy. While gongs sounded in the room, we received acupuncture on our foreheads and ears. The sound enhanced the sensory experience of the acupuncture and allowed us to achieve a deep meditative state without trying hard.

Note: Obviously “New Moon Circle” class is only offered around new moons—and similar classes around full moons—so if it’s not available when you’re in town, you might check out “Sound Bath,” “Restorative Yoga” or “Cleansing Meditation.”

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