5 Tips from Your Holistic Esthetician

By Haley Hill 



1. Double cleanse always! 

    Starting off your routine with an oil based cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, or any natural skin oils that can be living on the skin. Your second cleanse should be a water based product to encourage a deeper cleanse. 


    2. Invest in your skin care products

      Consider your products as skin food and not as skin care. It’s crucial to use an all natural and earth friendly line to protect the integrity of your skin. The more you put into your routine the more your skin will love you. However, that doesn't mean the more products used the better. Using only three or four nutrient rich products can do more for the result you desire then using eight products that will overwhelm your skin.

      If you are looking for holistic, nutrient rich skincare line, we invite you to check out the Saffron & Sage Ritual Kit an all inclusive, 5 step starter kit  full of plant-based vitamins, minerals and actives for bio-available skin nutrition. Formulated to nourish your skin day-in and day-out for a lifetime of radiant, healthy skin.


      3. Layering your products properly 

        When it comes to the skin, you want to layer the products in a routine that best suits your skin's needs. Oil Based Cleanser, Water Based Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, and lastly a Finishing Oil. For a more detailed breakdown check out some tips from Dr. Salar Parvini

        4. Incorporate tools into your routine to help with sculpting or drainage. 

          Gua sha stones are a great tool used to relieve tension, sculpt skin, and increase circulation. You can achieve multiple results with just one tool which makes the treatment very user friendly for at home maintenance in between treatments with your esthetician. 



          5. Explore other outlets to enhance your healing journey. 

            The holistic treatment plans that you and your esthetician collaborate on can also work hand and hand with other modalities like incorporating breathwork or acupuncture. Having a variety of treatments at your disposal can enhance your healing journey in ways you never imagined were possible! 

            If you are curious about taking a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing we invite you to schedule a complimentary wellness consultation with a team member at Saffron & Sage to see if this could be a sacred space of healing for you.   Book now!